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Go Green!   

We utilize products in our everyday lives that can be harmful to the environment. If you take a closer look at the products and packaging around you, you can see that a lot of materials are styrofoam based. These products and packaging can be major sources of toxic pollution as some are not even recyclable. These products and packaging are around us in all shapes, sizes, and forms: coffee cups, soup bowls, salad boxes, meat trays, food containers, pizza boxes, and so on.

Scientific'  study shows that toxic substance may run into your food, and then, of cause, run into your body. In addition, science'  study shows, long-term exposure those type of material, can cause many different kinds of health problems and diseases later on in our life.

From an environmental point of view, the production of Styrofoam products can cause the serious long term damage to our environment. Our concerns are not only with the harmful material itself, but the long process it takes to develop this material which is also definitely not environmentally friendly. Though these materials have been with us for generations, there is no denying the potential risks for future generations. With global economies and populations increasing at staggering rates, it is inevitable that the use of these materials will continue to rise. However, there is no proven method for us to safely dispose of this waste, even if we were to unload into landfills. 

Our biodegradable products are the solutions to these issues. Why not make a simple change? All it takes is a bunch of small change to make a big change!

Chermay International  is a supplier of the whole line of corn starch based biodegradable,  compostable, FDA, ISO, SGS approved eco-friendly products, such as tableware, trays, bowls, cups, cutlery, bags and golf tees...

We combine both the benefits of low cost manufacturing and shared innovation to deliver new products. We can offer your organization the high level of service with a guarantee to meet of your expectations. We will design and shape these products to meet any specifics you'll need and you will not need to pay any extra money for your special design.

Chermay International  is not only doing the business with you, but also we are working for future generations to save a Green Earth for them to live.

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