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Chermay International,   Inc.

Chermay International Inc. is an import and export company based in Tigard, Oregon. We buy and sell food products from United States and other countries, shipping fresh, frozen, dried and processed foods and ingredients worldwide.

Our goal is to provide our customers the freshest wholesome food products available to meet the demands of today's consumers.

With specialized contacts and facilities in China and personnel on staff speaking both Mandarin and Cantonese, we have special access to the Chinese market as well as long-term relationships with suppliers and customers in that market.

Chermay International  is currently the sole supplier for largest western style restaurant chain in China (Houcaller) with nearly 200 restaurants.

Go Green!

Environmental protection has been an issue that has or will affect all of us in some form  in the coming future. As the global landscape changes due to increase in population and development, those same changes affect our environment and how we live our daily lives.

Today, we are facing issues on all levels (individual to government) associated with global warming, polluted waters, air pollution, landfill problems, wildlife problems and most importantly human health problems. People are now more concerned than ever about living and leaving a clean / healthy Planet for our many generations to come. 

As a leader of biodegradable products, Chermay International Inc.   is at the forefront of introducing eco-friendly solutions to the global market. All of our products are biodegradable, compostable corn starch based FDA, ISO, SGS approved.  Our biodegradable products include: food containersdinner platesdrinking cups, cutlery and pellets

We welcome you to join us in keeping our earth natural, clean and healthy!


Our Mission

Chermay International Inc.   is specializing in import, export, procurement and brokerage services as well as involving in the products that include food & agricultural products, natural resources and raw materials. In these industries, we have many years of experience and knowledge while maintaining strong and reliable relationship with our network of buyers/sellers. Also, this let us to offer the competitive prices, quality services and the provision of timely demands.

We believe our strong relationship (which is the foundation of our company) gives us the advantage of reducing costs and increasing sales. This also allows us to continuously grow and further improve our strategies / opportunities for each of our valuable clients.

In every stage of your needs, all of the Chermay Internationalís well-trained staffs will be happy to help you until you are satisfied with the goods purchased.  




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